Céline published her first non-fiction book, The Part-Time Artist, in March 2019.

Being an artist is HARD! Between the lack of consideration from society in general, the ever-growing costs of living, and the demands of adulthood, it’s more and more difficult to find time and energy to create.

Do you hate your job, but can’t afford to be an artist full-time? Do you feel like you’ll never “make it”? Is everyone pushing you to quit your dream? Have you started to doubt you had any talents in the first place?

In this book, Céline shares simple but proven principles to help you create goals, build productive habits, and believe in yourself. She gives you tips to overcome the main obstacles of an artist life: no time, no money, no recognition. And she shares the simple business plan that transformed her life, from unhappy employee to thriving creative entrepreneur.

More information and buy the book in eBook, Paperback or Audiobook:

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Currently, Céline is writing her second non-fiction book, Happy, Not Tortured: A Mental Health Guide For Artists And Creatives.

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