My Story

I was born in Mons, a small town in the south of Belgium. From a very young age, I was interested in stories and books. I was an avid reader and I started writing my first story when I was 11 (a crime mystery set in a school that was a few chapters long).

Since then, I’ve tried on every genre and type of stories. I honed my skills by writing several fanfictions that were very well received (and commented) by the public.

My other passion was Science, which is the subject that I chose to study at University. I graduated with a Master in Physics and moved to Switzerland to work in research. However, after a couple of years in academia, I decided to pursue a different career.

In 2012, I moved to London, which meant that I had to improve my English to be able to write in this language. There again, fanfictions helped refining my style. Then I switched to short stories and discovered that most of my stories, written in the science fiction genre, were heavily influenced by my scientific background.

In March 2019, I published my first non-fiction book, The Part-Time Artist. My second non-fiction book, Happy Not Tortured, was published in 2020.