I wrote my first story when I was 11, and I haven’t stopped since. I honed my skills by writing fanfiction for more than 12 years. I strongly believe that publishing on the internet and being reviewed by hundreds of readers is the best way to improve as a writer.

I have written and published 15 stories online. Some were short stories, mainly on my favourite fandom Harry Potter, but some of them reached the length of a full novel.

Most of my work is in French but this is also where I started writing in English for the first time, with translations of some of my short stories first, then new works in different fandoms.

My most known story, Eternal Snow (in French), received more than a thousand reviews on various websites.

Following the success encountered in fanfiction, I decided to write original stories. I wrote several short stories, mainly in the science fiction genre. I really enjoyed the challenge to tell a story in a quicker setting.


My short story “Sealed Bid” was included in the first edition of the Kyanite Press Magazine in September 2018.

My short story “Behavioural Surgery” was published in Flash Fiction Magazine on June 30th 2017.

I participated in several writing challenges. Some of these stories can be found on Wattpad and  Fiction Press. I also narrated my first submission to the SciFi London Festival 48h Youtube Storytelling Challenge.

I have also written longer form of stories. During the past 3 years, I’ve been busy working on my first novel in English, Healers.


Healers is a dystopian YA novel set in a near future in London. It features a diverse cast of characters and introduces the technology of the “Healer”. Healers is the first instalment of a trilogy.

I am currently at the querying stage for this novel.

And finally, I have written and directed several short films, in French and English. I participated in short documentaries for the Harrow Film Makers Club, and I also filmed 2 pilots for 2 webseries. In 2014, I won the Live! Ammunition! competition during the course “Introduction to Screenwriting” organised by Raindance London. In 2018, I completed the script of a short film, We May Shatter, in collaboration with Director Gerry Melendez .

My biggest project, Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald, is a hommage to the silent film era with a steampunk twist.

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