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Non-Fiction 2018-06-02T16:36:38+00:00

Céline is currently translating her book “How to write a fanfiction” from French to English. Following her popular fanfiction Eternal Snow, Céline received many questions and queries asking for help from authors who wanted to improve their works or write their first fanfiction. That’s when she had the idea to write a book that would collect all her experience in 12 years of fanfictions. 

The book is a detailed guide from the idea to the publication of a fanfiction. It helps new writers build their stories and explains common mistakes made by newcomers. It also gives an idea of how to market a story and get more reviews.

It will be available online by the end of summer 2018. An updated version of the French book will also be available by then. In the meantime, you can download for free the 2015 French version by clicking on the image below:

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