Lately with my novel Healers I’ve been hitting a pretty big block: my antagonist doesn’t make sense. I was so busy fleshing out my two main characters that I forgot to empathise with my villain. Since I’m rewriting the scenes that lead to the climax, I find that his motivations are not clear at all and that I need to dig deeper.

I shared that issue on Twitter and I got really good advice. I thought that I would share them with you, in case you are facing the same problem:

In addition to that, I also searched help on Youtube, and there’s a couple of videos that really did the trick:


I’ve now almost solved my problem with the villain, but I’m always looking for more advice! What’s your unusual trick to flesh out your bad guy? Do you have a ritual that you use for making them reaaaaally evil? Don’t hesitate to share in the comments below!