This is the third week of Camp Nano, and fatigue is setting in. It’s something that I’m used to, it happened during both previous Nano, but it’s still very difficult! The excitement of the challenge is over, and real life is calling you back. You are not as happy to get up one hour early to get some writing done in the middle of your crazy days, and the story that once felt so good is starting to feel like the worse thing ever written.

I want to say, for my fellow Nano writers, this is absolutely normal! Every project has its ups and downs, and sometimes it is beneficial to skip a day just to get some rest. That’s what I did yesterday, and I feel much better for it. I’ve caught up to the target today, and I’m pretty excited for what is to come. The third week is the week where you have to be nice to yourself and indulge a little bit more, because next week is going to be the sprint to the end!

My story is going well despite my tiredeness. I’m finishing the last scene before TheBigBattleTM, then it’s going to be full action, a.k.a what I prefer to write. I’m excited, but I have realised that I absolutely need to draw a map of the city where the battle happens, as I’m already confusing different locations. That’s going to be a first for me, I’ve never done that before! If you have advice for me about it, I’ll take it gladly!

This is the goal!

Alright, let’s get on with the rest of week 3! You can still join our cabin if you want, just contact me to be added!

Countdown of Camp Nano: 13’013

Countdown of the full novel: 75’216