Project Description

Being a creative is not always easy. Between the lack of consideration from society in general, the ever-growing costs of living, and the demands of adulthood, it is more and more difficult to find time and energy to create.

Céline has been a writer for the past 20 years and had to juggle her creativity with many day jobs. She had to find a good balance so that she could keep writing while earning a living. These years of struggle have taught her a lot, and she decided to share that knowledge and experience with other artists.

This is why she decided to write a book: The Part-Time Artist.

The Part-Time Artist will be available in March 2019 on all platforms (Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play,…) as an ebook and as print-on-demand. Shortly after, it will be available as audiobook on Audible and iTunes!

The project also include a podcast and workshops, as well as a prolific blog. More information:

The Part-Time Artist Website

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