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Eternal Snow started in November 2006 with a short story that Céline wrote as a reply to a challenge for her old website “Le Chicaneur”. The idea was to get Hermione and Draco together in a bathroom setting. Céline played with the usual clichés of this pairing and published that short story (in French), entitled “Les bulles ne sont pas éternelles”, on


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Much to Céline’s surprise, this short story encountered a large success on the website, and many readers asked for a follow-up to it. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had come out a couple of years prior to that and Deathly Hallows was not due for another year so she decided that if she were to write another fanfiction, it should be her own “Book 7”.

Eight years and 200’000 words later, she finally published the last chapter of Eternal Snow.

Much happened during these years and many times Céline thought that she would never manage to finish that story, but she did! The plot had extended to include many characters, not only Hermione and Draco, and Céline had gathered many devoted readers on and Archive Of Our Own. To this day, Eternal Snow remains Céline’s biggest project and she’s immensely proud to have completed it!

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