Hi everyone,

You probably have seen it on my social media accounts: I did it! I won NaNoWriMo 2017! Once again, I reached the 50K goal!!!

This year was a really difficult one. I felt like I had no time for writing and I really had to push my limits to make it. However, I’m really happy of the product. I’ve written roughly 50% of the second draft of Healers, and I’m now preparing the second half. There has been some changes that I need to take in account, so I need to update my index cards before continuing. All in all, I’m satisfied with what I’ve done so far, but I’m concerned that I still have a lot to do.

My original goal was to finish the second draft by the end of December, but it’s not realistic now. I thought I’d manage to cut the length of the story with the second draft so I would only have 30K left to write this month, but it hasn’t happened. My second draft will be too long again (around 100K), which means I still have a lot of words to write. I’m also much more tired than I anticipated, so I’m taking 2 weeks without any writing before doing anything else. Sometimes you need to listen to your body to avoid burning out!

So after next week, I’m going to concentrate on the second part of the story, and in particular replot the climax, and then start writing again. I hope I can get this done as soon as possible!

To be continued 😉