That’s it, ladies and gentlemen! We are in May and the April session Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 is over! After very busy weeks, I am happy to announce that I have won this challenge!

I must say, despite the fact that I had given myself an easier goal than during the November NaNo, I still struggled to reach my target. I had a busy month and I found myself with not much time to write at all. Also, I found that writing the chapters leading to the climax of my novel was more difficult and demanding than writing the first chapters. I added a lot of scenes to the plot I had originally envisioned and I had to constantly modify the chapters construction because of it.

I guess that’s a very good example of how I write. I always know where I’m going but constructing the story in details is useless because I keep changing my mind on how the scenes go. The more I know the characters, the more I let them do whatever they want, even if it doesn’t work with what I had in mind. I never plan more than 2 chapters in advance, and I’m constantly replotting the whole thing. It might not work for everyone but it works for me 🙂

Camp NaNo was fun, I enjoyed getting back into the NaNo rhythm, but to be honest I was really disappointed with the level of interactions with other participants. We had originally made our cabin private which meant that there was not much going on in there (we put it in public later but it was too late). I almost never managed to catch the Twitter sprints that helped me so much in November. For this session, sprints were almost exclusively led by people living in the US, which meant that we didn’t write at the same time. And in general, since less people participate, there’s much less support and chat going on about NaNo. However, I’ve chatted with a few motivated writers, so it was definitely still very worth it!

Of course, I intent on participating to the July edition, with a public cabin this time! I am not sure what I will do during this session. If I finish my first draft before it, then I’ll work on the revision. If not, my goal will be to finish the first draft. Either way, my novel is moving forward and it’s making me very happy!